Crystal SUP Board Clear Paddle Board

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Have you been looking for a unique adventure to try out this clear paddle board in summer?
Yes, the clear SUP brings you a great experience!!
The clear SUP (paddle board) is made of 100% polycarbonate with incredible impact resistance and durability and it offers full transparent window to discover a new world under the water. The rubber mat and foot leash keep you in a safe and anti-slip condition.

Key Features:
1.Full transparent: 100% crystal clear paddle board help you discover a whole new world while paddling, and you'll be amazed at what you can see: corals, reefs, fish, marine life.
2.Light weight: Only 1/2 weight of that same thickness glass, you can take it easily with paddle board strap.
3.High impact resistance: 6mm thermoformed polycarbonate paddle board provide a high impact resistance kayak, 250 ~ 300 times that of same thickness glass, 30 times that of acrylic sheet.
4.Large space capacity: Large space capacity: Capacity to safely & comfortably carry 2 adults maximum,depending on the weight capacity indicated.
5.Good balance: New retractable fin system included in the standard version improves tracking, a feature especially convenient for long distance paddling. 

Product Dimension: 320 cm(L) x 92 cm(W) x 13.5cm cm(H)
Package Dimension: 325 cm(L) x 95 cm(W) x 16.5 cm(H)
Gross Weight: 24KG
Weight after package: 26KG
Weight Capacity: 110KG
SUP Color: Clear
Material Type: Polycarbonate
Paddle color: Black, Blue, White
Rubber Mat Color: Black, Blue and White
Intended Use: Pool, Lake, River, Ocean, Hotels, resorts, aquatic sport area, coastal lagoon, etc.

Note: 1 complete clear SUP paddle board includes 1 pc full transparent board, 1 pc stand up paddle, 1 pc antislip mat, 1 pc foot leash, 1 pc quality silicone edge protect bumper, 1 pc fin, etc.