Bathroom Shower Handle Tap w Rail

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Another fantastic product from DELLA FRANCESCA comes in this fully Australian Certified Quality Bathroom Shower COMBO at a fraction of the price of other retailers! No matter the design of your bathroom - this unit will add a touch of sophistication and elegance that you will adore time and time again.

The Della Francesca All-in-One Shower Wand is a modern marvel for your bathroom, and it's sure to deliver a truly transformative shower experience. A large square shower head doubles as a handheld wand. Use the wand like a traditional shower head by keeping it on its wall bracket, or take it off for an invigorating customised shower thanks to a flexible cord. The choice is up to you.

Whether it's a new bathroom or a refreshing renovation, this all-in-one wand is a terrific addition. It's designed and manufactured by Della Francesca, a leader in quality plumbing products for the home. And this wand is even smart for the environment (and for your water bill). It's WELS-rated for 3 stars and a water efficiency of 5.5 Litres per minute.

Don't compromise and don't settle for the ordinary when it comes to your next shower. Order your Della Francesca All-in-One Shower Wand today for a fraction of what you'd pay for similar products with other online retailers.

Two-in-one shower head and handheld wand
Brass shower rail
Shower rail, square shower head, flexible cord, and all hardware included
Installation instructions included

Total height of shower rail: 704mm
Length and width of shower head: 75.48mm
Length and width of shower wand handle: 42mm
Total length of shower wand: 233.29mm
WELS Licence No: 0418
WELS Code: 802.03.10+YSD-1044
Model Name: shower set-802.03.10+YSD-1044
Reg. Number: S06760
Star Rating: Not Star Rated
Water Consump: 5.5

Package Content:
1 x Bathroom Shower Handle Tap w Rail