Anatomical Human Eye with Orbit Model

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This giant model of the human eyeball and eyelid is a great asset for anatomy and physiology classes. 

Educators and teachers will appreciate the value of this great visual aid. The model features an enlarged human eye with orbit and provides an accurate depiction of the eyeball’s internal structure and the muscles that surround it. The optic nerves and muscles are displayed in their natural positions within the bony orbit. 

To enhance the learning process, the model which is four times larger than the actual human eye, can be taken apart. The eleven parts of the eye can be scrutinized individually and passed around the classroom for a hands-on learning experience.

Teachers and students alike will appreciate the benefits of this great teaching tool. 


  • 4 times larger than actual human eye
  • Anatomically correct
  • Moveable parts
  • Visual teaching aid


  • Dimensions with base: 25 x 45 x 27.5cm
  • Dimensions without base: 28 x 40 x 26cm

Package Content:

1 x Anatomical Human Eye with Orbit Model